emma's story

Emma Nilsson was born in Kansas City, Missouri in June of 1996.  She grew up in Bentonville, Arkansas with three siblings and her parents.  Emma exhibited a passion for writing music at a very early age; she remembers writing her first song at only four.  Her passion for music has only intensified over time, and she has just completed recording an album with producer Michael Baker, whose many merits include playing and producing for Whitney Houston for 18 years.  Baker and Nilsson recorded their first songs together in in Minneapolis Thanksgiving week, 2013. 

Emma grew up in a bilingual household, with her father being from Sweden.  Her music style is influenced by both her Swedish and American roots, and at 21 years old she has written over one hundred songs and has no intention of slowing down.

On this 12-song album, she collaborated with Cory Wong (guitar, bass and music arrangements), Tommy Barbarella (keyboards), Adi Yeshaya (strings) and Michael himself on drums. 

Emma’s style of music has been explained as “timeless” and “folk-rock." 


"Emma's voice is hypnotic, her songs are timeless - she is the whole package." – Lynne Volkman, music publicist legend. Has worked with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Whitney Houston and many more. 

“Emma’s music has a timeless sound. Her personal messages, the story that she tells, and the detailed sounds from her voice are unique and very special. I think she is as good as anyone in the business.” – Michael Baker, drummer and producer for Whitney Houston 

“It’s so unusual to hear such a mature singer songwriter at the age of 17. The audience will really be able to relate to her songs and music.” – Cory Wong, music arranger for NBC’s The Voice 

“I really like her music and was glad I had the opportunity to work with her." Keyboard great Tommy Barbarella (his merits include being a member of Prince's recording and stage band). 

"Very talented and gifted young lady. " – Mike Garson has been the Music director for David Bowie for 40 years

Emma looks forward to releasing her first album and is already anticipating the beginning of the next.  Currently, she is living in Fayetteville, Arkansas and is looking forward to propel her music career.  Check out her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and join our mailing list for updates.